Tyne Craft Kitchens


Opening the door to a Kitchen Designer's Resumé



Tyne Craft Kitchens is a long established and leading North East, Kitchen and Bedroom design and installation company with a remarkable range of bespoke services.

We were approached by Stephen Irving, owner of Tyne Craft Kitchens to assist with providing his company with a website that would not only showcase his business products and services, but would also display them seamlessly on various mobile platforms without any loss of funtionality to the website.

Mobile Website


By using a tried and tested responsive framework, the website can seamlessly adapt to a varied number of different devices it is viewed on and Tyne Craft Kitchens can be confident that their website is being viewed as intended by their potential clients.

We employed a responsive strategy that all primary features remained intact when downscaling from a desktop view to a mobile view. We extensively tested all aspects of the website on a variery of mobile and tablet devices of all shapes and sizes to ensure that the site worked perfectly.

Built on Strong Foundations


The final website was delivered in time for a marketing campaign to promote Tyne Craft Kitchens throughout the North East of England and was well received by the company owner and partners.

The organisation now has a platform that is robust, extremely simple to update and develop and has the flexibility to grow with their project and services portfolio and future development opportunities.


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